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Cheat Meals, good or bad idea?!

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

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One of the first questions that comes up during the first consultations is

Are we allowed to cheat meals / deviations from the keto diet?

The answer is not that simple, ideally not, but in real life it can happen. With my personalized support, I will help you face these temptations and quickly return to ketosis if there is a crack (we are human after all!)

"Cheat meals" or cracks, gaps, is when you eat a meal that is not keto-friendly. Generally, they are made up of processed, very fatty, sugary and high-calorie industrial foods.

They cause blood sugar spikes and insulin resistance, which means excessive body fat storage and even weight gain eventually. They also have a negative effect on your metabolism by slowing fat oxidation after eating carbohydrate-rich foods like bread and pasta. You therefore risk gaining more weight than you lost during this meal!

In the keto world, there are a lot of rules. But one of the most important is not to cheat.

As soon as you cheat, you are no longer in ketosis and it is bad for your body (and your weight loss). In addition, it delays your adaptation and your body's ability to be a fat burner. But it's easy to make a mistake! It could be that you had a tough day at work or you just fancy something sweet. It's tempting to give in and eat ice cream, brownies, or something else that the diet doesn't allow.

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But if you do? It's not the end of the world, avoid feeling guilty and get back on track immediately. The worst mistake would be to think 'damn for damn' and let this cheat meal become a cheat week, a cheat month... and then it becomes self-sabotage and you have to start all over again. What a pity to waste all your efforts for a miserable pain au chocolat (or chocolatine hahaha)! Measure if it's really worth it, anticipate your events as much as possible, don't keep junk food nearby, and if you go to a restaurant, look at the menu in advance so you don't find yourself unprepared .

Also don't weigh yourself the day after a cheat meal, you'll be discouraged as the scale may add another 1-2 kg, but don't worry, it's mostly water that the body has stored with its new glycogen reserves in its muscles. As soon as you are back in ketosis, you will lose this excess water, Remember, 1 kg of fat corresponds to approximately 9000 calories, so it is not your cheat meal that will make you gain a pound of fat.

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